Field Column History

Many of you have created a variety of techniques to track the changes to data stored in a field. Now, Access provides a built-in solution: Column History. Column History is a new property on the Application object that uses an AppendOnly field property—which must be set to True—on memo fields to add new data with a date stamp. The data is actually stored as multiple entries in a separate table, so it can be filtered and sorted. The options for retrieving the Column History are limited, but it is a start. And, it's probably good to reiterate that this property is available only on memo fields. However, this new structure is supported in SharePoint V3, so Access can track changes to text fields that are stored in a SharePoint list.

SharePoint takes tracking a few steps further with its Revision History feature, which is discussed briefly a little later in this chapter and covered in-depth in Chapter 17.

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  • Saare
    Where is columnhistory stored?
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    Where does access store columnhistory?
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