Features That Do Not Upsize to Share Point

Some features cannot be migrated when the application is upsized to a SharePoint site, including field properties, enforced relationships, and other linked tables. Some of these features are extremely common, so it is important for you to be aware.

When a feature cannot be upsized to SharePoint, Access tries to discard the feature. Any item that is discarded has a record added to the Move to SharePoint Site Issues table. This errors table contains several fields, each of which describes information about the problematic feature. The following table describes the purpose of each of the fields in the Move to SharePoint Site Issues table.

Field Name



Problem that may be caused by the feature not being migrated.


Explanation of why the feature cannot be moved to SharePoint.

Object Type

Type of object the feature belongs to.

Object Name

Name of the database object.

Field Name

Name of the field affected.

Property Name

Property name for the field, if it exists.

When the Move to SharePoint Wizard completes the migration process, the last page of the wizard denotes whether any errors occurred by showing an error icon. Simply open the Move to SharePoint Site Issues table to see more information about each of the errors that occurred.

There are also several table-related features that cannot be migrated. Some field properties cannot be migrated, referential integrity is not supported, and linked tables to other data sources are not supported. The following is a list of features that cannot be pushed up to a SharePoint list:

Binary table fields AutoNumber table fields

Referential integrity — cascading updates of deletes

Join types between tables (although they can be recreated once the table is upsized) Read-only tables

Linked tables to other data sources Default Value table field property Input Mask table field property Validation Rule table field property Validation Text table field property Unicode Compression table field property Unique indexes for indexed fields

Smart Tags table field property (although it can be recreated once the table is upsized) Text Align table field property (although it can be recreated once the table is upsized)

Several of these features are common to Access solutions, but most of the time they are not critical to the application. The impact of data type conversion is minimal in most applications. Any changes made to the database are practically negligible. Overall, the Move to SharePoint feature is incredibly powerful yet simple to use. Access 2007 makes migrating database applications to SharePoint much easier than ever before.

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