Building the Rental Cars Group

The Rental Cars group contains a single gallery control. This one is filled using item nodes as shown in the following XML:

<group id="grpTravelCar" label="Rental Cars">

<gallery id="galRentalCars" label="Car Type" size="large"

rows="3" columns="1" itemHeight="80" itemWidth="80" image="SportsCar3.bmp"> <item id="itemCar1" label="Sports Car" image="SportsCar1.bmp"/> <item id="itemCar2" label="Sports Car" image="SportsCar2.bmp"/> <item id="itemCar3" label="Sports Car" image="SportsCar3.bmp"/> <item id="itemCar4" label="Camper" image="Camper1.bmp"/> <item id="itemCar5" label="Van" image="Van1.bmp"/> <item id="itemCar6" label="Mustang" image="Mustang.bmp"/> </gallery> </group>

This XML creates the Ribbon shown in Figure 12-32.

Figure 12-32
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