Bound Image Controls

The bound image control is part of what gives Access 2007 its modern look and feel. Now you can use a transparent background to create controls that combine custom images with text. It just takes a minute to add personality and pizzazz to your solutions by creating a custom control. Keep in mind that graphics may be affected by both hardware and system settings. Figure 3-8 shows four different looks, including the option to use switch to the hyperlink hand and the ability to change the background color with a mouse over event. Bound image controls are also great from building radio buttons that combine icons and relevant text, such as for First and Last.

Figure 3-8

The first two controls in the figure appear borderless and have a transparent background. Using a BMP file, you can make the picture background the same color as the form, so that it appears like a cutout, like the first control. Then make the border invisible and resize the control to make the clickable area as large as you want. The second control uses the photo's original background, so users may perceive that the control area is limited to the photo. The third control uses the theme background that changes colors as the cursor moves over the control area, as illustrated by the fourth control.

It's easy to see how nicely these controls can spiff up an application. The effects are great for hyperlinks, too. Bound image controls are also good from building radio buttons that combine icons and relevant text.

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