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In addition to builders and wizards, Access has five very powerful managers. Granted, there are times that it works well to create your own tools or use add-ins to provide these functions, but for the most part, the managers do an incredible job. The beauty of managers is that they work right out of the box. They are quick and easy to use, and they provide consistency. There are no changes to the managers in Access 2007, so if you've been using the managers, they will be like old friends.





In addition to installing and unin-stalling wizards, builders, and add-ins, the Add-In Manager helps create wizards and helps you to install your own add-ins.

Database Tools Ribbon tab; select Add-ins in the Database Tools group.

Linked Table

Allows linking and changing links to tables in external databases as well as through some ODBC connections, such as with Excel.

Database Tools Ribbon tab; select Linked Table Manager in the Database Tools group.

Manage Data Collection Messages

Tracks the status and allows changes to settings of e-mails used for data collections. Allows messages to be resent or deleted.

External Data ribbon tab, on Collect Data, click Manage Replies.

Manage Data Tasks

View and manage saved import and export specifications. Allows changes to general aspects such as the specification name and file path, but does not allow changes to details, such as the tables, fields, and worksheets. Can create an Outlook Task.

External Data Ribbon tab; click either the Saved Imports or the Saved Exports button.


Creates and manages switchboard forms for applications.

Database Tools Ribbon tab; select Switchboard Manager in the Database Tools group.

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