You Talking to Me

Programmers are typically self-obsessed beings, so on your journey to learn about Form Automation, it is important to understand that "It's all about Me!" No, Me is not about You, Me is about the currently active Report. If you want to know anything about the Report, you can request information from the Me object. Using Me will expose all of the events, properties, and controls associated to it. To utilize Me in your code, enter Me. (dot or period) and then select the desired value from the IntelliSense combo box, which automatically appears.

Figure 11-4 shows the IntelliSense combo box as it applies the Me object.

Private Su'o Report Open (Cancel As Integer) me.

^i Active Control

; A

l^1 AadressLaoei


l^r Application

i^r Auto Center


nf BiilToLabel



0 0

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