XML and Access

XML can be used to send, store, and display data, and even related tables, via an Internet or intranet. Think of using your browser to view Access data and even the schema or data structure. With Access 2003, you can import and export XML data and transform data to other formats using XML related files. This works with both a database (.mdb) and an Access project (.adp). To build on familiar ground, we'll start with the similarities between XML and HTML.

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Database window shortcut keys T Work with menus


To show the shortcut menu

To make the menu bar active


To show the program icon menu (on the program title bar)


With the menu or submenu is visible., to select the next or previous command


To select the menu to the left or right; or, when a submenu is visible, to switch between the main menu and the submenu


To select the first or last command on the menu or submenu

To close the visible menu and submenu at the same time

To close the visible menuj or, with a submenu visible, to close the submenu only fr Work with toolbars t> Work in windows and dialog boxes l> Work with the Open., File New Database, and Save dialog boxes


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