What Does This Book Cover

This Programmer's Reference book covers a wide variety of programming topics. A brief introduction to VBA is included, although this book assumes the reader has at least some basic familiarity with the VBA programming language. Likewise, an entire chapter is devoted to changes in Microsoft Office Access 2003, covering both new wizards and GUI (graphical user interface) features that previously required VBA code, as well as the new VBA features included with Access 2003. You'll learn how to create and name variables, how to use Data Access Object (DAO) and ActiveX Data Object (ADO) to manipulate data both within Access and within other applications, proper error handling techniques, and advanced functions such as creating classes and using APIs. There are two important chapters on Security and Macro Security as well as a chapter on the Access Developer Extensions (ADE). Finally, we'll explore a bit of the relationship between Access and SQL (Structured Query Language) Server, as well as how you can use VBA in Access to control and enhance other Office applications.

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