Using Expression Builder

The Expression Builder does just that—allows you to build an expression with the various fields and controls in your database. For example, in response to the click event of a command button, you can populate a text box on your form with the name of a particular product from the Products table. To build your expression, double-click the Tables branch of the tree in the bottom-left pane of the Expression Builder. Choose the Products table and all of the fields from that table appear in the middle pane of the Expression Builder. Double-click the ProductName field. You can perform a conditional and comparison operations within the Expression Builder as well. For example, you could enter the following in the Expression Builder:

=MsgBox("Enter a Product ID between 1 and 10")

This code displays a message box informing the user what sort of data to enter in a text box. You can put this code in one of the events of the txtProductID text box. There are a variety of types of expressions

Where Access 2003 Expression Builder

you can build. Access includes a variety of built in functions you can use within the Expression Builder, including mathematical functions, financial functions, and text comparison functions.

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