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The Package Wizard is like the extra point after a touchdown. It produces incredibly professional-looking setup routines. Now you can deploy Access solutions with the same panache as Microsoft and all the other big guys. The Package Wizard builds the cabinet file (CAB) that includes Windows Registry Keys and even the digital certificate, if appropriate, that need to be included when deploying an Access solution.

The Package Wizard can automatically include the Access Runtime and any other files that are necessary to make up the complete solution delivery package. And, the setup routine will automatically create necessary shortcuts and even specify the correct Access EXE if there happens to be more than one installed.

The Package Wizard Welcome screen explains the remarkable things that it can do. This screen allows the developer to quickly select an existing template. From there, it is easy to modify the template and/or add additional templates or files and set other options.

This is where the deployment package can really be customized. You can put multiple Startup Wizard batch files together to essentially chain installations. So, the package could install a program, and then immediately install the update to some part of it, plus it could install the back end files and maybe even some MDE references. All of that from one installation setup file. Figure 3-26 shows how easy it is to open, read, and stack a batch file. You can edit the file so that several installations can be chained together into one setup routine. Just right-click the batch files, select Edit, and then copy and paste the entire file into an existing batch file.

2003 H en ii i<| Install TestPKG .hat - Notepad



File Edit Format View Help

"c:\Program Fi 1 es\Microsort orrice\OFFiCEll\MSACCESS. exe" "c:\Program Fi "ies\Microsoft Office\ADEll\WZADE.MDE" /runtime /rci /x macStartPKW l/crrd 'crS-Docurnents and setti ngsYreresa Henni g\Appl i cati on Data\Mi crosoft\Access\ADEll\Tertipl ates\PKW\2Û03Henni g Instal 1 TestPKG . xm i '■'

"■:::\Prograrti Fi 1 es\Microsoft Office\OFFICEll\MSACCESS.EXE" "C:\Prcgrarti Files\mcrosoft office\ADEiii\wzade.mde" /runtime /ro /x macstartPKW l/crnd "C:\Documents and Setti ngs\Teresa Henni g\Appl i cati on Data\Mi crosoft\Access\ADEll\Templ ates\PKW\2ûû3Hi:nni g| TestPKG . xm i "

Figure 3-26

Having a custom image in the installation welcome screen can reinforce a developer's credibility and add pizzazz to the application. You can accomplish this by following our tip in Chapter 19 about how to incorporate a BMP file into the installation process.

Chapter 19, "Using the ADE Tools," includes excellent step-by-step instructions for working through the stages of the Custom Setup and Package Wizards. Creating professional-looking installation routines will be much easier and faster with the ADE.

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