The Debug Print Statement

We've already established that the ? character is short for Debug.Print. It's easy to use both of these statements directly in the Immediate window; however, that's not the only place you can use this statement. Consider the following code:

Sub FunWithStringsAndNumbers() Dim strBikes As String Dim strCost As String Dim strCustomerName As String Dim intBikes As Integer Dim curCost As Currency strBikes = "5" strCost = "100"

strCustomerName = "The ""W"" Hotel, New York City" intBikes = 5 curCost = 100

Debug.Print strBikes + strCost Debug.Print intBikes + curCost Debug.Print strCustomerName End Sub

This code produces the following results in the Immediate window:

5100 105

The "W" Hotel, New York City

You can use the Debug.Print statement within any procedure to display results of calculations or values of variables in the Immediate window.

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