Templates deserve mentioning, even if developers don't want to take a lot of credit for using templates. But at a minimum, templates can be great tools for building demonstration projects and for learning aids.

For instance, it may be worthwhile starting with a common Access template when preparing a presentation for a user group or other organization. That way, when the participants get back to work, they will be able to use their template to apply what they just learned. Access 2003 installs at least 10 MDB templates. These relate to a variety of businesses, such as asset tracking, event management, time and billing, order entry, and service call management. To create a database using a template it takes only a few steps. If the new file task pane is not open, on the File menu, click New to open the new TaskPane. On the lower section of the pane, under Templates, click On my computer. This will display the templates window. You can also obtain more templates online.

The following is a sample of the Access database templates available from Microsoft Office:

Photograph database

Music collection database

Video collection database

Wine collection database

Book collection database

Workout history database

Membership database

Inventory management database

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