Step Identify the Template

Of course no matter what the target system, you can still run the wizard on your system. So the first step in the wizard is to identify whether you want to create a new template or to use an existing template. Figure 19-9 shows the template selection form.

Figure 19-8

If you select an existing template, you can run it without modification. Which means, by selecting the template and clicking Finish on this dialog box you can (again) very easily (re)create a package after you've changed the MDE, using the equally quick and easy steps given in the Custom Startup Wizard.

Since the template output of the wizard is an XML file, you can inherit an application as well as the template used for building it and the template used for packaging it (sounds like a combo meal). The Add ... button allows you to add the inherited template for the (inherited) application from the XML file. Wow, if you kept all those references to templates straight, you have some pretty impressive focus!

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