Sorting Option on Lookup Wizard

In the past, many developers found the Combo Box Wizard to be a great tool for starting a combo box, but then needed to modify the SQL to accommodate additional fields, to include criteria or for any number of other reasons. Now the combo box, list box, and Lookup Wizards allow you to specify the sort order on up to four fields. Figure 3-10 shows the Combo Box Wizard sort order dialog box. Combo Box Wizard not only provides about as many options as the Report Wizard, but it also allows you to preview the data and drag the columns to their desired widths.

Figure 3-11 shows how easy it is to set the column widths.

Speaking of combo boxes and list boxes, in Access 2002 Addltem and Removeltem methods were added. Now these work more like they do on Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) forms. The methods are available only when the RowSourceType property is set to Value List.

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