Smart Tags

Smart Tags are available in Microsoft Office XP. In general, they allow you to provide addition information about a record or specific data point (see Figure 3-18) or to perform an action that would typically require opening another program to perform. Access 2002 relied on tags that were in Word and Excel data; however, Smart Tags are now directly supported in Access 2003.

Smart Tags can be used on tables, queries, forms, reports, and Data Pages. They can also be exported to HTML, and work on Data Pages through Internet Explorer.

Vba Smarttag
Figure 3-18

Smart Tag can be added to a control, by setting the Smart Tag property on the control. Then, when the Smart Tag Action button appears, activate the control, and select from the available options. Several Smart Tags ship with Access and there are more available on the Internet. Plus developers can create Smart Tags. Access Help provides additional information about Smart Tags, and MSDN (The Microsoft Developer Network) is also a good resource.

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