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For new installations of Access, it is likely that Jet was not already on the system and therefore, Service Pack 8 (SP8) would not be installed already either. In that case, the first thing to do after installing Office and Access is to download and install Office updates and SP8. All developers know that drill by now. SP8 needs to be installed to work with the new security features. The security messages will quickly become irritatingly familiar. So much so that even developers who seldom dealt with security settings on their personal files will learn how to create a digital signature and to digitally sign a file or macro project. This will be briefly explained in the following discussions as well as thoroughly dissected in Chapter 20, "Macro Security."

SP8 needs to be installed in order to block unsafe expressions without affecting common functionality. You can learn more about the Sandbox mode in Chapter 20.

When installing DLLs that contain code to work with new features in Access of other programs, the following occurred:

□ Jet 4.0 SP8 fixes the following past problems:

□ Access quits unexpectedly when linked Oracle table is left inactive.

□ Access causes an error when you export fields with data type single or double to Oracle.

□ Performance problems occurred when certain pass-through queries were run.

□ Microsoft Access unexpectedly quit when you tried to upsize a database where the tables contained triggers. Although the service pack prevents Access from quitting, it still does not permit tables with triggers to be upsized.

□ Invalid argument error message occurred when you tried to create a linked table by using DAO code after the installation of Jet 4.0 SP7.

□ An access violation occurred when you ran certain queries that used linked Paradox tables.

□ Oracle integer field appeared as double in Access.

□ When you tried to create links to dBase files, you received an access violation or nothing occurred; that is, no link was created and you did not receive an error message.

□ When you refreshed a linked table, you were prompted to select a DSN even though you were still using the same DSN, and all the connection information was correct.

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