Propagate Field Properties

Changes to field properties can quickly and easily cascade to corresponding properties of controls on forms and reports. And as always, there are a few caveats, such as, this is feature does not apply to Access projects and the control property will not be updated if:

□ The control already has a different value specified in the property sheet

□ The control is on a Data Access Page

□ The field property is changed in a linked table

Figure 3-4

Figure 3-4

When an inheritable property is updated, the New Property Update Options button will appear, as shown in Figure 3-4.

Clicking the button opens the Updates Properties dialog box (see Figure 3-5). This allows you to choose to update the corresponding controls that are bound to that field. You can conveniently see all of the places that the control can be updated and select/unselect all or specific locations to be updated. Again, the Access team has provided the information and given the developer the final decision.

¡Update Properties


Update the following objects?

i Yes

Form; form chart count of calls and minutes per hoijj '',-Form: form chart count of calls and minutes per mo: Form: form chart count of calk and minutes per nun: Form; form chart count of calls and minutes per yee Form: form chart top 10 people by calls Form: form chart top lu people by minutes

No to All Cancel

Figure 3-5

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