New Wizards and Builders and Managers

As developers, we employ the proven engineering principle of building on established technology and techniques. So, even a dyed-in-the-wool coder should at least check out what the wizards, builders, templates, and other add-ins can do. After all, if Access provides a tool or resource, you owe it to yourself to be aware and use it when appropriate. Even if the results need to be modified, these tools can often save precious development time. There are so many tools included in Access 2003 that you can get a jump-start on nearly every object, including the database itself. But, if you don't know what is available, it's not very likely that you will look for it or try to use it. Appendix K provides a fairly comprehensive list of the current wizards, builders, and managers. Since some features are not installed during a typical installation, the tables also use an asterisk after the name to indicate whether the wizard is only installed if the Additional Wizards component is selected during set-up. If you don't at least select Typical Wizards, the only wizards that will be installed are the Color Builder, the Expression Builder, and the Query Builder.

Again, our advice is that you should go for the gusto and do a custom install by selecting to have everything run from your computer! Why wait? You know that you will want to at least check out the extra features.

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