Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access works very well for single-user applications. You can get by with Access for multiuser applications; however, you need to be aware of how record-locking options affect your data. It's also possible that you'll encounter users who like to open the database exclusively, thus locking out other users from the application. If you have multiple users with differing versions of Access trying to use the same database, you'll probably end up with some compatibility issues as well. In addition to the single-user and multiple-user scenarios, Access works very well when you have multiple users but a single code base that makes all of the requests to the database. For example, a front-end application written in Visual Basic can take advantage of ADO to make calls to the back-end Access database. This type of application works very well in a single- or multiuser environment as the only time the data is touched is when an ADO call is made to the database.

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