You may think of these as wizards, but managers are truly managers. They make things work or, more specifically, they manage how things work together. The linked table manager may be the most familiar manager. This manager makes it fast and easy to link the user interface to various data files. It is also a convenient tool for relinking tables when a database is moved, tables are updated, or an application is repurposed. The list of managers, what they do, and how to find them is given in Appendix K.

The Add-In Manager installs and uninstalls Microsoft and third party add-ins. It also assists developers in creating and adding their own wizards, builders, and menu ad-ins. There is additional information about creating your own add-ins at

In addition to new features and tools that make work easier for developers, Access 2003 has some changes behind the scenes that you need to know about. All developers and users will need to learn about Service Pack 8 and how to work with macro security and digital signatures.

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