Import Information From a Share Point Server

In addition to exporting information from Access 2003 to a SharePoint server, you can also link to a SharePoint server or import information. To link an Access table to a SharePoint list use the following steps:

1. Select Get External Data from the File menu and choose Link Tables.

2. Choose Windows SharePoint Services (see Figure 3-21).

3. Choose your SharePoint server from the list or enter one not listed.

5. Choose the appropriate list and click Next.

Figure 3-22

6. Select the view of the list you need and click Next.

7. Click Finish on the confirmation screen to perform the import.

In addition to linking an Access table to a SharePoint list, you can use similar steps to import a list from a SharePoint Server. SharePoint Services and Office 2003 provide a number of sharing opportunities to help you collaborate with your team and to share data with any number of entities. But not everyone will have a need for SharePoint. So let's move on to one of the most awesome packages that Microsoft has offered to Access Developers, the Access Developer Extensions.

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