When Teresa told me she was writing a book on Access VBA programming, I thought she was crazy. She's so busy with her database consulting business and running the Pacific Northwest Access Developers Group that I couldn't figure out where she would find the time to write. I'm glad she and the other authors found the time. As a coordinating lead author, she worked with Patricia and put together a team of authors that produced an excellent piece of work.

This book is clear, concise, approachable, and above all, easy to understand. In addition to providing a look at the new features of Access, it provides a good overview of Macros and how you might use them to automate your Access application. I know what you're thinking, "But this is a book on VBA, right?" Yes it is, and it jumps right into the subject in the following chapter. Here's where it gets good.

This book does a great job of progressing from fundamental topics to advanced topics. It moves smoothly from introducing VBA to automating forms and reports to working with APIs, SQL, and other Office applications. It then tackles advanced topics such as understanding client/server development, security, and working with the Windows Registry. If that weren't enough, the book provides a set of appendixes covering a variety of important topics such as the ADO and Access object models, API reference information, naming conventions, and VBA reserved words. Clearly, there is a lot of valuable information packed into this book.

If you've been using Access for some time and you're just beginning to roll up your sleeves to jump into the world of code, this book is for you. If you need to hone your VBA programming skills or need ideas on how to polish your application, this book is for you as well. At the very least, you should add this book to your library of Access books, especially next to the ones by John Viescas and Cary Prague. At most, you should have this book readily available as you work on your next project.

-Mike Hernandez

Author: Database Design for Mere MortalsĀ®, 2nd Edition Co-author: SQL Queries for Mere MortalsĀ®

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