Expression Sandbox

The Expression Sandbox enables Jet to block unsafe expressions while still allowing Access 2003 to be fully functional. Installation of SP8 is required for the Sandbox mode to work with Access. As previously mentioned, you will need to install SP8 as soon as you install Access 2003.

Access 2003 uses the Microsoft Jet Expression Service to evaluate expressions in forms, reports, and queries and elsewhere to identify unsafe expressions. Unsafe expressions are those that contain methods or functions that could be exploited by a malicious user.

Sandbox mode can be turned on and off if the macro security level is set to Medium or High. To change the setting for Sandbox mode, open Access, then click Tools, then Macro, and then Security. Select either Medium or High level. This will open a Security Warning message box. In the message box, click Yes to enable Sandbox mode. After you click OK, Access will close. Then you open Access, the Sandbox mode will be enabled. Although we don't recommend this approach, setting the macro security level to low will disable the Sandbox mode. Chapter 20, "Macro Security," contains a detailed explanation of the Expression Sandbox.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the security things, then it is probably time to turn back on the enthusiasm and review features that are sure to excite the end users. Particularly managers and data crunchers who want to get at the data that they want, when and how they want it. The next section describes some of the new, powerful features that are focused on enriching the end-user experience.

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