Both Access and VBA contain another structure called an enum. Short for enumeration, this structure is a wrapper of sorts for a group of built-in constants—more of a way to categorize constants than actually do anything with them. You won't actually use the enum to do anything; rather, you'll use the constants declared within the enum instead of using their intrinsic values. Access has a number of built-in enums. The following enum describes the various constants that can be used to specify the view of a form.

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Eile Edit View [use it Debug

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j ¥BA Samples (VI

] Microsoft Office

1 Modules

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] Class Modules


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Samples Module Alphabetic Categorized

Samples Module Alphabetic Categorized

j Start

Figure 4-5

j (General I

Run lools All(1-1 lis Window Help lype a question for lielp ill! H K I Of S? * I ® Ln 131, Col 46 I

▼ j j OpenDatahaseConnection strState strState


InputBox("Please enter a state"


strConn = "Provider=Micro3of t. Jet. OLEDB . 4 , Ü ; Data Source=c : ) Dataliia3e3\Addres|

st.rSQL - "SELECT [Cust.omerWaine] , [Cust.omerCode] , [Cust.oinerAddre331] " _ s "., [Cust.omerCity] , [CustomerState) , [Cust.omerZip] FROH" _ í "Customers WHERE [CustomerState] is Wot Hull;"

st.rSQL = "Select * from t.tol Cus tornera WHERE Cust.omerState objConn.Open (strConn) objConn.Mode = adModeRead objRST,Open st.rSQL, objConn, adOpenForwardOnly, adLock:Opt.imist.ic objRST. MoveFir3t.

El jvljAljiiiKetrviyrioie

E vtiApplicationMociai Iii vbCrltlcal ! S vbDefaultButton l

While Wot ObjRST,EOF

txtCust.omerState = oto j RST. F ield3 ( "Custcj1 txtCust.omerZip ■ objRST. Fields ( "Customs ' If (txtCust.omerSt.ate - "CA" And txtCust E vbDefaultButtonS (txtCust.omerState = "WA" And txt.Custriiiir txtCust.omerRegion = "West.ernUS" msgbox("Western US Customer Updated", End Mstj&oxtPrompf, [Briltojis As VliMsyBoxSlyle = vbOKOnly], [Tj'f/el, [HeipFiie], [Context) AS VbMsoBoxRasull

: m vbDeísultButton3 '3 vbDe*aullButton4

j Start

Figure 4-5

Enum AcFormView

acNormal = O

acDesign = 1

acPreview = 2

acFormDS = 3


= 4


= 5

End Enum

You can browse any of the Access or VBA enums through the use of the Object Browser. We'll cover the Object Browser in Chapter 5.

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