DAO Property Types

In contrast to Access object properties, there are three types of object properties: built-in, system-defined, and user-defined.

□ Built-in properties exist when the object is created, and like most of their Access counterparts, define the characteristics of the object itself. For example, Name and Type are examples of built-in properties.

□ System-defined properties are those that Access adds to the object's Properties collection when it needs the property in order to work its magic. These are not Jet properties, but are created and used by Access.

□ A user-defined property can be added to an object's Properties collection when you explicitly set a value to it. For example, a field's Description property is a user-defined property. Although you can set a value to it when you define the table, Jet doesn't recognize that the property exists until after you've done so. In fact, after you've set its value, it appears in the field's Properties collection, but you still can't see it in the Object Browser, as shown in Figure 6-1.

I Tahlel : Table

Field Name


Description fftitoNumbei Text Field Properties


OrgName fftitoNumbei Text Field Properties

General Lookup

Fieid Size

Long Integer

New Values





Yes (No Duplicates)

Smart Tags

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