Creating Schema Objects with ADOX

So far we've been working with the ADODB library, which is the library to use when you want to work with database data. The ADOX library is the one you use when you want to work with the database schema, such as tables, views (queries), indexes, and so on.

To implement ADOX, you need to add a reference to it. Open any code module by pressing Alt+F11, and select References from the Tools menu. The References dialog box is displayed. Locate and select ADO Ext. 2.7 for DDL and Security, and click OK.

The ADOX Object Model

As you can see from Figure 7-6, the ADOX model contains one top-level object, the Catalog object, which contains five collections: Tables, Groups, Users, Procedures, and Views.

Figure 7-6

Each of the Table, Index, and Column objects also has a standard ADO Properties collection, as shown in Figure 7-7.

Figure 7-7

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