Create a Switchboard through the Switchboard Manager

There's another easy way to create a switchboard for your application. You can use the Switchboard Manager to create a new switchboard or edit an existing switchboard. Choose Database Utilities from the Tools menu and select Switchboard Manager from the popout menu (see Figure 1-11).

How Use Switchboard Manager 2003

To create a new switchboard, click the New button. Enter a name for your new switchboard. Once you've created your switchboard, click Edit to control the items displayed on your switchboard. For a new switchboard, there won't be any items on the switchboard. Now click New (Figure 1-12). You can enter the text displayed on your switchboard and choose a command from the drop-down menu. You can choose from eight different commands including opening a form in add or edit mode, exiting the application, running a report, or running code or a macro. Depending on the command you choose, the third drop-down menu will change and allow you to choose a particular form, report, or macro.

Once you've added all of the necessary commands to your switchboard form, click Close to return to the Switchboard Manager. If you want your new switchboard to launch when the database loads, select it in the Switchboard Pages box and click Make Default. When you're done manipulating your switchboards, click Close.

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