Copy and Paste Linked Table as Local Table

Most developers work with a lot of linked tables. Occasionally, it would be nice to also work with the table locally. Sometimes it is handy to use the local copy as a temporary worktable, to quickly crunch and manipulate data without putting the "real" data at risk and without being concerned about network connections.

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Figure 3-10
Figure 3-11

You no longer have to go through the steps of file, import, and then browse to where ever the data is stored. Now, it is as easy as right-click the linked table, select copy, and then paste with or without the data. Figure 3-12 shows the Paste Table As window that you'll see when you are pasting a linked table. It is just copying and pasting a local table; it will not show the references to linked and local.

Figure 3-12

By right clicking a linked table, several more actions are listed, such as going directly to the Linked Table Manager or exporting the table. The shortcut menus put a lot of options at your fingertips. That covers several of the major new tools for working with tables and data. Given space and time constraints, the following section provides briefer descriptions of several other new features that deserve checking out. Again, these are only highlights and this is not intended to be an exhaustive list.

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