Conventions Used in This Book

We've used several different styles of text in this book to help you understand different types of information. Some of the styles we've used are listed here:

When there's a mission critical piece of information or a tip we've found particularly valuable in our development, we include it in a box such as this.

Advice, hints, and background information comes in this type of font. Important words or phrases are in italic.

Words that appear on the screen, such as menu commands or toolbar buttons are in a font such as File.

Keys that you press on the keyboard, like Ctrl, are in italics.

Code within the text is styled like the following: For I = 1 to 10

Any new or important code is offset with shading similar to the following sample:

SELECT TeamID, TeamName, StadiumName FROM tblFootball;

Code you've seen before is in the same font, without the shading, as shown here:

Dim strText as String

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