Steve Clark is a Microsoft Access MVP, an MCP, and a Project Manager and Developer for the FMS Professional Solutions Group ( As a developer, he specializes in database development and has produced Access, VB(.NET), and ASP(.NET) applications for clients from all elements of business, both nationally and internationally. He earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Cincinnati in 1994 and has been with FMS since 1998 and an Access MVP since 2001. When he's not managing or developing, he enjoys participating in all forms of motorcycle racing.

Brian M. Sockey is founder and president of Farsight Solutions, Inc. (DBA TeleVantage NorthWest), a Microsoft Business Solutions partner, and value-added reseller of Artisoft TeleVantage software-based business telephone systems. Before starting TeleVantage NorthWest, Brian worked in the Developer Support group at Microsoft, where he specialized in client/server development issues involving Microsoft Access and SQL Server. Brian enjoys the great outdoors, theater, and good food (almost everything except blue cheese).

Randall J. Weers, the founder and president of Procia, Inc., specializes in process and data management applications utilizing the Microsoft Office suite. His primary focus is to help people manage business processes and business rules through the appropriate application of process improvement and automation. Randall's experience includes everything from business process analysis to technical and training manual writing. Randall makes his home in Seattle, Washington, where he is the facilitator for IT WorkGroups, a Puget Sound-based alliance of senior-level independent information technology professionals.

Sam Radakovitz joined Microsoft in 1998 and was a member of the Access team for Access 2000, 2002, and 2003. A lot of his efforts were focused on wizards and security features. For Access 2003, Sam was thoroughly engaged in the new macro security. This made it a perfect fit for him to review this book's security chapters, especially the one on macro security. When creating Access applications, Sam enjoys going outside the box and adding a bit of creativity. So, being invited to provide applications that could demonstrate some of Access's new features seemed like an awesome opportunity to share his ideas with other developers.

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