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Finally, a consistent, fast, and easy way to save your work. We can't tell you how many times we've either closed and zipped a database, or copied and renamed a database object to test some changes. Pretty soon the database window is filled with nonfunctional objects. And heaven forbid that someone forgets if Name AutoCorrect was on, which can result in the code referring to the wrong object.

Again, the Access team felt the developer's pain and provided an awesome solution. You don't even have to worry about specifying where to save the file or giving the file a unique name. The backup command will automatically (1) default to the folder that contains the database and (2) give the file a unique name, based on the current file name with a suffix of the current date. And, if a backup already exists for that date, an incrementally numbered extension will be added to the date. Figure 3-9 shows the Save Backup As dialog window.

It only takes three mouse clicks to create a backup. Click File on the main menu and then click Backup Database. In the Save Backup window, click Save. You can also expend the energy for four mouse clicks if you take the path of Tools, Database Utilities, and then click Backup Database. And for the hot key fanatics, just use Alt+F+K+S. This feature is going to save so much time and reduce database bloat by eliminating unneeded objects. Similarly, using a wizard can save time.

Figure 3-9

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