Adding a Certificate to Your Database

To digitally sign your database you add a certificate to it using the Visual Basic Editor. In the Visual Basic Editor select Tools | Digital Signature, as shown in Figure 20-6.

This menu option will open the Digital Signature dialog seen in Figure 20-7.

Note: This database has been previously signed with the certificate named Randall Weers. If the database is not previously signed, the Sign As Certificate Name will be [No certificate].

To pick a digital signature to sign your database, click Choose ... This will display the dialog box show in Figure 20-8, which shows all the digital certificates on this computer.


Figure 20-5


Figure 20-5

Figure 20-7
Figure 20-8

Click on the certificate you want to use to sign this database and click OK. The name of the selected certificate will display on the Digital Signature dialog box and a Detail ... button will show, as it does in Figure 20-9.

Figure 20-9

You will use the Detail ... button to get access to an option to create a file from your certificate so you can copy that certificate to another computer. To sign your database now, click OK.

If you sign your database and then make code changes on the computer that has the certificate, the digital certificate is removed and the database is automatically resigned. If you make code changes on a computer that does not have the certificate, the signature is removed without resigning the database.

Note: If you are using Access Developer Extensions, the Custom Startup Wizard has an option to add the certificate to your database just before creating the MDE.

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