Access Developer Extensions

Microsoft and in particular the Access program management went all out when they created and offered the Access Developer Extensions (ADE). This impressive set of tools offers an amazing set of cost-effective and stress-reducing features. Invest5 minutes to breeze through this intro and you will certainly concur. As mentioned earlier, the ADE is part of Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System. So, when you get the ADE, you automatically have additional resources that will enable you to expand your development horizons even further.

The ADE makes it easy for developers to consistently and efficiently create MDE files and package them for deployment. The license agreement clearly states that it includes a royalty-free distribution of Access Runtime solutions. So developers can now package and deploy Access 2003 applications, and the clients do not need to worry about the cost of upgrading to Access 2003. This is going to not only save our clients a lot of money, but it will make it easier to explain the cost effectiveness of creating solutions in Access 2003. In addition to royalty-free distribution of the runtime, the ADE includes several other impressive tools. The ADE is required for creating Access 2003 MDE files. The Custom Startup Wizard makes the MDE file. Then, after the MDE is created, the Package Wizard makes it a snap to create a deployment package. You can supersize the package by combining or stacking installations together to create highly customized packages. And, that's not all. The ADE also includes the Property Scanner that can be used to ensure that changes to the name of a feature or object are cascaded throughout the entire database. But perhaps the most astonishing thing is that the source code is included. You can learn more about the ADE by reading Chapter 19.

The ADE includes over 14,000 lines of source code.

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