Wizard for Every Occasion

As you already know, we are aficionados of wizards. And, even if they don't create exactly what you want, wizards lay a foundation that can easily be modified. As mentioned, there were so many new or improved wizards in Access 2002 or Access 2003 that it seemed prudent to provide a complete list. With that in mind, there is a table in Appendix K that lists the currently available wizards. Note the term currently available, because this is a new day for Access at Microsoft. So, there is anticipation that the Access team will continue to add and improve features and wizards.

Although you may not need to use every wizard, it is handy to know what is available and to take advantage of the ones that might be applicable. Fortunately, it typically isn't necessary to search for wizards, because they are strategically placed or programmed to be where they are needed. Builders are equally handy resources for developers.

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