Working with Report Events

At this point, you should be very familiar with how to add events to forms, such as the Click event of a button. Reports have events just as forms do, but not as many, as you can see in Figure 8.5.

W Report

Report V-

Format Data Event other All

On Close

On Activate

On Deactivate

On No Data

On Paoe

On Error


You can also write VBA code behind report events, such as Open, Close, Activate, and Deactivate. For example, you might want to display a message to users when the report opens to inform them that the report will take a long time to load. You may want to add a custom toolbar to be displayed from the Activate event and then remove that toolbar when the Deactivate event fires.

The following is an example of adding and removing a custom toolbar from the report's Activate and Deactivate events.



Sub Report_Deactivate()


.ShowToolbar "CustomComplaints",


End Sub

Now that you have a basic idea of how to create reports programmaticaUy and how to create report events, you can move on to the topic of exporting Access data to various Web formats.

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