Using BuiltIn Functions

You have looked at some examples of creating your own functions. You should also know that VBA has an extensive list of built-in functions that you can use instead of writing the code yourself for certain common actions. One example of a built-in function that you have already used is the msgbox function. You can obtain a complete list of available functions in the VBA Help documentation, as in the help topic shown in Figure 2.21.

: Visual Basic Help

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^.Microsoft Visual Basic Documentation 1 " Visual Basic User Interface UeiD . Visual Basic Conceptual Topics ■ Visual Basic How-To Topics LP) Visual Basic Language Reference ■^Constants ■* Data Types Directives i Events ^Functions ÜAi i.^j)Abs Function ijgj) Array Function ijgjlAsc Function i.igj)AscB Function ijgjlAscM Function ijgjlAtn Function i^jJCallByName Function i.^CBool Function i.i^CByte Function i,igj)CCur Function v m

You can also view a list of available functions using the Expression Builder. Consult the VBA Help documentation for how to access the Expression Builder.

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