This chapter covered one of the most important concepts in Access programming—working with data in databases. You should now understand the basics of retrieving and modifying data from VBA code using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) and using the ADO object model—namely the Connection, Command, and Recordset objects. You also learned how to work with recordsets that are bound to the form and maintain an open connection and those that are disconnected. When recordsets are disconnected from the data source, changes made locally are not saved to the underlying database unless you take additional steps. You also learned how to use Select, Insert, Update, and Delete statements in the SQL language to interact with the database. Finally, you learned that the ADOX object model allows you to manipulate database tables, security, users, and so on.

The next chapter discusses various techniques you can use to build interactive forms. It provides you with some useful approaches for improving user interaction.

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