How It Works

The Performance Analyzer is a wizard you can use to let Access provide some suggestions on how to improve the performance of the application. In the example, you ran the wizard against the Northwind database and discovered that some additional improvements can still be made to make the application run even faster.

-H Performance Analyzer

] Tables (Ml Queries El Forms

^ Modules [L^l Current Database

0 Reports

3 Macros

All Obiect Types

i SI Categories i f

5 [fSf] Customers

^ Employees

* [jjj] Order Details

7 [Mill Orders

^ Products

? $$ Shippers

^ [fSf] Suppliers

djjp Alphabetical List of Products


V ip Category Sales fcMSS?



Select All

Deselect All

Figure 11.8

Figure 11.8

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