How It Works

First, you created a new form based on tblComplaints using a Wizard. This was just to save you time; you could also have created it from scratch. Next, you created the OutputToDAP procedure shown again in the following code. The OutputToDAP procedure uses the OutputTo method to output the frmComplaints form to a data access page in a file called frmcomplaintsDAP.html.

Sub OutputToDAP()

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputForm, "frmComplaints", acFormatDAP, "c: \temp\frmcomplaintsDAP.html"

End Sub

Next, you ran the new procedure from the Immediate Window to create the new data access page. You then opened the data access page in a Web browser and modified some of the data. If you go back in to

Figure 8.9

the database and look at the tblComplaints table, you should see that the changes you made from within the data access page in the browser were saved in the database.

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