Declaring and Using Constants

A constant is a type of variable that maintains a constant value that does not change. Unlike traditional variables, constants are assigned values when you create them. Constants are declared with the Const statement instead of the Dim statement. Here are some examples:

Const conWelcomeMessage as String = "Welcome to my first VBA application." Const conRate as Double = 5.5

Constants can help improve the readability of your code. For example, a line of code is much cleaner and more understandable if it uses the constant conRate than if it is hard-coded with a value of 5.5:

dblTotalSales = conRate

Constants can also make your code easier to maintain. For example, because the constant is declared in one place, you do not have to search for every instance where the rate with a hard-coded value of 5.5 is used in the code. Instead, you simply use a constant to store the current rate and modify that one item if the rate later changes.

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